About Us

Avance Immigration Consultants are top-notch specialists focusing on immigration compliance who provides excellent caseload support and brings customer delight. When we take time to analyse and interpret client needs, our expertise compels us to go beyond obvious solutions. You tell us where, when and why; we’ll tell you how.

From individuals to start-ups to the world’s largest companies, we support all of your immigration needs, all over the world.

Immigration consulting needs to focus on understanding the immigration landscape from a Corporate perspective, therefore, start-ups to large firms make big spends on immigration consulting. Given the complexity and ever-changing requirements around the world to immigration policies, we realized to interpret client needs at reasonable costs while our expertise is compelled to go beyond obvious solutions.

Handling legal matters that pertain to immigration, such as writing work visa petitions, 221G responses, request for evidence, processing dependents’ work authorizations and most importantly having a comprehensive understanding of handling complex cases, has been our expertise.


Define strategies to deliver processes, drive efficiencies and governance


Reliable and execution focused partner to the business